This work follows Browning’s structure. There are five people with five different perspectives of an event. The event might be a fact but just what is the true fact, is filtered through the minds/ subjectivity of the interpreters, just as in Browning’s poem. My work investigates the following ontological questions: (1) “What is the this world?” (2) “What kinds of worlds are there?” (3) “Which is the true world”? This creative work, through the voices and perspectives of five females in regard an incident, answers these three questions by arguing that reality/ ontology is both a subjective construct as well as being relative. In this work there is no transcendental true reality of which each person misrepresents via their own individual subjectivity. The work presents an incident where each person from the net then construct an ontological explanation of the incident.

Title A psychological demonstration of the general theory of relativity
Author Dean, Colin Leslie
Published Gamahucher Press, West Geelong, Vic, 2006
Pages 29
Subject Social Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology of Knowledge, Psychoanalysis, Philosophy
ISBN 1876347635


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