PrefaceBlah to T’ao Ch’ien go into the net of dust its easy to be dust free where there is no dust
Try being dust free where there is dust
All is the wilderness the city the forest the “fields-and –gardens” the wild “rivers-and-mountains” the city all is wilderness gibbons scramble on Thatch-Hut –Mountain as human monkeys in the city scramble gibbons nest on Thatch-Hut –Mountain as human monkeys nest in the cities T’ao Ch’ien Hsieh Ling-Yun Han Shan the Taoist recluses all miss the point for the cities be the bowl of dust be the Tao the occurrence coming of itself the trap where true idleness the way is cultivated pass thru this gate enter on the watercourse way enter heavens gate

Title Urban Taoism

Poems by c

Author Dean, Colin Leslie
Published Gamahucher Press, West Geelong, Vic, 2018
Pages 24
Subject Poetry
ISBN 9781876347120


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