Author: COLIN L DEAN Genre: ,


The cunt a pitcher plant in form Labial lips peristome fit the norm

Vagina the pitcher plants welcoming dorm

Carnivorous plant the unsuspecting trap Cunt and plant each in search of meat

To devour in the humid heat

To dissolve in perfumed liquidities Cunt and plant who can tell which is which

A Carnivorous plant each

Title The Perfumed Garden Of Scented Delights (Nepenthes Cunte ): From A Recording Of The Fatal Travels Of The Botanical Explorer Hieronymus Phytotelmata Transcribed By Jonannes Nepenthaceae; poem by C. Dean
Author Dean, Colin Leslie
Published Gamahucher Press, West Geelong, Vic, 2011
Pages 21
Subject Erotic poetry (Australia)
ISBN 1876347899


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