PREFACE IN THE DREAMTIME RED WINGED parrot girl and her lover spinney lizard boy crossed the sea to escape from their parents who disapproved of their love they landed at darwin and made camp by a billabong spinney lizard boy went out hunting to the south when he did not return red winged parrot girl lamented “oh where is my love where is my love” red winged parrot girl set out to the south to find him she shed tears which fell as rain where ever she went from broome to perth to ceduna to geelong she searched for her love lamenting “oh where is my love” her tears formed streams and gullies where ever she went from sydney to cairns to alice springs to burke all over the land she went lamenting” oh where is my love” each girl she met in her dreams she came to see if their love was her lost lover in each girls dreams she hoped to find her lost love at night she came to girls dream world to dance and sing with their lovers hoping that it was her lost spinney lizard boy when each girl met her lover red winged parrot girl was their in their minds hoping to find her lost lover whenever it rains it is red winged parrot girl crying rain because she did not find her lover in the dreams of a girl

Author Dean, Colin Leslie
Published Gamahucher Press, West Geelong, Vic, 2006
Pages 18
Subject Poetry
ISBN 1876347589

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