Separation is sad sorrow
From out of the times of long ago
Lost to man these songs sublime
Now cast out upon the winds of time
These luscious songs of rhyme
Hidden loves whose hearts did chime
Forgotten names in loves pleasureness games
To the world these lost songs do come
The singing of nightingales on the air
Perfumed with musk and hyacinth from the sylphs tresses cascading hair
Here fairies sing their airs
Through lips radiant ruby-red –like their passions in their pounding hearts lair
To up lift thy hearts to beat
Thy passions heat

Title PERSIAN SONGS. Erotic poetry from the Inmates of the harem of Feteh Aly Shah. (Fat′h Ali Shah Qajar (فتح على شاه قاجار‎)). Translated by Aleksander Borejko Chodźko Esq. Poesy Renderings BY C. L. Dean Vol.1. Poems by C. Dean
Author Dean, Colin Leslie
Published Gamahucher Press, West Geelong, Vic, 2013
Pages 26
Subject Poetry
ISBN 9781876347651


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