A theme my sanity for a theme Ahh she cries she sings I exist because I am desired the mantra of all females rings thru space thru time it makes the flesh of she shine without desire she be a void of emptiness it be thru desire for she that she doth become a she she be made to attract the bee she be made for mans rutting animality it be only in being desired that she achieves an identity And why thee doth ask simply said it be no more than about procreativity all the gloss all the paints and rouges be no more that snares nature doth give the she for procreativity for doth she know these lures attracts the stupid male for doth she know they give the she power o’er those hes their desire for she empowers she

Title me desires

by poilue chatte translated by serrée Salope  Poem BY C dean

Author Dean, Colin Leslie
Published Gamahucher Press, West Geelong, Vic, 2022
Pages 21
Subject Poetry
ISBN 9781876347139


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