Separation is sad sorrow
Loves mystery cant be expressed as all the oceans in wine cup cant contained be poetry or rhyme are but feeble things to convey loves mysteries into letters love canst be compressed all the poets of all the centuries love have expressed only feebly to those that in this poem do dive and who have the eyes to see will from the poems depths break open the shell and the pearl will brightly see all mysteries to thee this poem will reveal to thee if with open mind and the eyes to see

Title Marwa and al-Majnun al-Faransawi
(مروة و المجنون الفرنسي)
Virgin love
(حب عذري )
From the kis al-kitab
kohl’in al-deen
translated by kis bint haqiqah al-Jabarut
poem by c dean
Author Dean, Colin Leslie
Published Gamahucher Press, West Geelong, Vic, 2014
Pages 30
Subject Poetry
ISBN 9781876347295


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