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The result of all this disagreement in the symptoms of depression/ melancholia leads to the situation, as Solomon points out, “ … what we call illness is also really quite arbitrary; in the case of depression, it is also in perpetual flux.” With all this historical overview in regard to the variability in what constitutes depression/melancholia it is important to agree upon a framework to assess how Shakespeare makes sense of the depression/ melancholia of Hamlet. The frameworks I will use are those of Freud and Klein.
It is important to realize that both Freud and Klein offered a symptomology of depression as well as a metapsychology to explain the symptoms For Freud the loss of an object be it a thing or idea/ideal resulted in the person identifying with the lost object and regressing to an earlier stage of development where the person attached himself with self-deprecations.

Title Klein and Freud on the melancholy or depression of Hamlet of Shakespeare: pathology: a case of Hamlet delusional psychosis
Author Dean, Colin Leslie
Published Gamahucher Press, West Geelong, Vic, 2005
Pages 22
Bibliography 13-14,17
Subject Freud, Klein, Shakespeare (Hamlet, Textual Criticism), Psychoanalysis, Psychoses
ISBN 1876347465


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