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Now even though Freud is an empiricist and values observation above reason or Aristotelian logic he nevertheless did value reason or logic highly. As we saw above Freud considered science and reason as being the two highest achievements of humanity. In a certain degree Freud talks about the apotheosis of reason. In other places Freud has such a high regard for reason that he maintains that we must submit ourselves to its dictatorship or tyranny. Reason by giving humanity access to “truth” had to be submitted to regardless of what the “truths” were. Freud saw the future and hope humanity as being the scientific spirit as exemplified by reason. And as such science and reason was in the future to exert a dictatorship upon the mental life of humanity. As Freud states, in his 1933 work The Question of a Weltanschauung, “[o]ur best hope for the future is that intellect “the scientific spirit” may in the process of time establish a dictatorship in the mental life of man”

Title Juxtaposing 2 contradictory views of Freud : The apotheosis of Logic; the undermining of the epistemological validity of logic: Freud rejects Aristotelian logic as the criteria to assess the ‘truths’ of psychoanalysis and thus becomes a precursor to quantum mechanics and mathematics like wise abandonment of Aristotelian logic as an epistemic condition of ‘truth’ in certain situations
Author Dean, Colin Leslie
Published Gamahucher Press, West Geelong, Vic, 2005
Pages 24
Bibliography 21-24
Subject Freud, Science (Philosophy), Logic, Psychoanalysis, Aristotle (Contributions in Logic)
Other Title Juxtaposing two contradictory views of Freud
ISBN 1876347473


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