Author: COLIN L DEAN Genre: , ,


ONCE UPON A TIME Why was Goldilocks called Goldilocks? Was Tom Thumb really the size of a thumb? What did the wicked Queen really say in the mirror. Why was Snow White more fairer than she. Why did Red riding hood ware red? What was she really looking for in the forest. What did Snow White and the seven dwarfs really do deep in that wood. Fairy tales have been sanitized-bowdlerized. Adults had a bit more fun in those less anal non- bourgeois times. Life was honest less cleaned up less tidy more real. Fairy tales like poetry became the property of polite society for good little boys and girls in the nursery . But what did great great great great granddad and grandmother really hear tucked up by the fire-place deep in the woods where wolfs prowled succubus and incubus roamed the night…

Title Erotic fairy tales
Author Dean, Colin Leslie
Published Gamahucher Press, West Geelong, Vic, 2004
Pages 25
Subject Erotic poetry, Australian poetry
ISBN 187634735X


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