Author: COLIN L DEAN Genre: , , ,

Oh friend mine eyes do from thou to breasts do dance
Side so side my glance doth dance
Sweet smile on face flushed red the pounding heart
O’er breast blooming my gaze doth prance
To cover shyly hands o’er breasts do prance
Oh from my mouth my breath thou suck
Oh do ya wanta fuck

Oh friend thy glances shy do mesmerize
Side to side enchanting art thy eyes
O’er thy breasts my gaze doth caress
Along the bursting lines of thy dress
Thy eyes my eyes do dart as with the breath the
cleavage doth part
Oh friend from thy mouth thy breath I suck
Oh do ya wanta fuck

Title Do ya wanta fuck: poems
Author Dean, Colin Leslie
Published Gamahucher Press, West Geelong, Vic, 2006
Pages 14
Subject Love poetry, Erotic poetry, Australian poetry
ISBN 1876347554


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