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Both Frege and Wittgenstein argue that there is something beneath linguistic thought. For instance Wittgenstein argues that “language disguises thought. So much so that from the outward form of the clothing it is impossible to infer the thought beneath” Wittgenstein claimed that pre-linguistic thought was nevertheless constituted by something; as he states:

“I don’t know what the constituents of a thought are but I know that it must have such constituents which correspond to the words of language. Again, the kind of relation of the constituents of thought and of the pictured fact is irrelevant. It would be a matter of psychology to find out.”

Title Contentless Thought: case study in the meaninglessness of all views
Author Dean, Colin Leslie
Published Gamahucher Press, West Geelong, Vic, 2002
Pages 120
Summary This thesis attempts, by way of a case study showing that thought cannot have any content, irreducible substrate, or essence, to substantiate the Madhyamika Buddhist demonstrations that all theses, all philosophy, all science, all views, reduce to foolishness, absurdity, or meaninglessness.
Notes Submitted to the School of Social and International Studies of the Faculty of Arts, Deakin University Thesis (M.A.) Deakin University, Victoria, 2002
Bibliography 106-120
Subject Logic, Meaninglessness (Philosophy), Madhyamika (Buddhism)
ISBN 1876347252


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