‘momgst the detritus of decaying flower petals laying on a black marmoreal slab a dioestrus sleeping beauty of sixteen chaste white skirt clad that gripped the form of her tight with lips of the palest pink flesh anemic white pallid like the belly of some dead fish looking like Ophelia dead in a limpid pond of floating nenuphar
like fromst some ripe fruit ejaculating its fecund seeds oh how to life it rises up like the flowers stem brought back to life soaked with the heated colors of desire
which brought in the mind of I the ‘Form in Void’ poem of Ikkyu
“The tree is stripped
All color gone
Yet already on the bough
Uncaring spring

Title Belle au bois dormant
Hurbet d’Entragues

Translated from the French by
Duc Jean de Floressas des Esseintes

Poem by c dean

Author Dean, Colin Leslie
Published Gamahucher Press, West Geelong, Vic, 2015
Pages 31
Subject Poetry
ISBN 978187634704X



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