PREFACE Some doest sing with tropes that doest ring inst ones ear with such delight of such delights of Arcadia with words well wrought fromst a mind well taught that they doest love for these songbirds doest to thee giveth what is sought that be an ideal world where we are all so sweet so nice that world where we be what we want our selves to think we be Arcadia Yet somest say what rubbish that be But dregs of that that are thought andst sadly taught such worthless crap such lies that beguile the fools inst to thinking we be what we not what we truly be so reciter recite what some say be true Arcadia


Arcadia Of Peloponnese


  BY       C


Author Dean, Colin Leslie
Published Gamahucher Press, West Geelong, Vic, 2024
Pages 30
Subject philosophy
ISBN 9781876347619


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