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This thesis therefore critically investigates the relationship between analysis and insight in the Prasangika Madhayamika. To be more specific, it tries to ascertain whether analysis is a only a necessary condition for the generation of insight, or a necessary and/or sufficient condition for the generation of insight. As was said above, this question was not asked by the Madhyamika, nor has it been asked by Western scholars; with the exception of Fenner. To answer this question, a logico-psychological model will be developed in chapter two which describes the mechanics and dynamics of insight generation.

Title Altering consciousness from Western psychology and Prasangika Madhyamika Buddhist theories of insight generation: cognitive dissonance, double bind, equilibration, Prasanga + a logico-psychological model for the generation of insight applied to the Geluk-ba
Author Dean, Colin Leslie
Published Gamahucher Press, West Geelong, Vic, 2002
Pages 158
Bibliography 148-158
Subject Philosophy, Buddhist Thought and thinking
Other Title The relationship between analysis and insight in Madhyamika Buddhism (a logico-psychological model)
ISBN 1876347163


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