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How to survive in a world swarming with rogues, rascals, con artists and arseholes. Read books on behavioural psychology, social psychology, group sociology, the psychology and sociology of love. Rest assured that the manipulators of humanity, the advertiser, the sellers of products, love, commodities, status all have read on these topics. They know how to exploit, manipulate and persuade you to buy what they are selling. They know how to use your greed, lust, lack of self esteem, powerlessness, arrogance, bigotry, prejudice racism, ignorance. They know how to use all the human foibles against humanity. They know how to use ones humanness against you and to their advantage.

Title A moral philosophy: a guide book for arseholery, what Nietzsche and Foucault did not tell us, a survival manual for the human jungle, practical social psychology for the predator, the exploiter, the con artist, the cad, the bastard, an open letter by predators to victims
Author Dean, Colin Leslie
Published Gamahucher Press, West Geelong, Vic, 1998
Pages 16
Subject Philosophy, Misogyny, Cynicism
ISBN 1876347058


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